Surfski Course: LEVEL I

This 6-hour Surfski Course is designed to deepen your knowledge of Surfski and its specific technique with the help of a coach. All training will be with the scoop shovel and we will delve into the paddle position to improve performance and effectiveness with each stroke.

SURFSKI COSTABRAVA will have the technical direction and complicity of Albert Corominas, coach of the Banyoles Swimming Club and elite athlete in marathon and Surfski competition. He is a member of the National Team and a benchmark in terms of high performance canoeing in Catalonia and a benchmark in terms of sports management in the competitive field.

This activity will be done with Surfskis from the prestigious EPIC brand, since it is the best brand on the market. Epic Kayaks have quality Surfskis and offer an inexpensive polyethylene entry-level range and a range of fiber Surfskis with different types of manufacturing to evolve.

Photos by Albert Rosado @nocardisproductions & Epic Kayaks Inc.


Two days

3 hours + 3 hours


From 16 years




  • Closed shoes that can get wet (old sneakers, crocs, surfshoes, etc.)
  • Swimsuit or pants that can get wet.
  • Thermal shirt or lycra that can get wet.
  • Dry clothes and a towel to change clothes when we finish the activity.
  • If you wear glasses, some band to hold them and not lose them.
  • Sunglasses, sun cream, something to drink.
It includes

It includes

Equipment rental
SK Kayak monitor/guide
Surfski Epic V5 or Epic V7
Epic Leg Leash for Surfski
Scoop shovel: Epic Small Mid Wing Club Carbon

What is not included?

What is not included?