SK KAYAK members like the contact with the sea and with people. We love our environment and we are passionate about being able to discover it in a sustainable way.

Our philosophy of work and attitude of proximity to the client makes us tailor made products and unique experiences to discover the singularities of our territory, putting in value the local cultural aspects. Sharing experiences and knowledge are part of our way of understanding the world.

We like to do things right and we strive to improve season to season! Help us make constructive reviews or contribute ideas to incorporate!

SK KAYAK is a kayak center in the Costa Brava, specializing in snorkeling and nature guides. We are a team of professionals that includes Diplomats in tourism, technicians in Ecotourism and Graduates in Physical Education and Sports Sciences and Nature Guides passionate about kayak, the sea and to share our passion.

We offer business incentive, school stays, family experiences and tailor-made activities. Since 2000 on Costa Brava.


Pau Calero, the manager, is one of the pioneers of the sea kayak in Catalonia and a benchmark in the eco tourism proposals in the Costa Brava.

We work in a privileged environment the Natural Park of Cap de Creus and the Natural Park of the Aiguamolls de l'Empordà.

SK KAYAK has a social dimension that has made Llançà one of the reference points for sea kayaking in the Costa Brava and Catalonia.

We are a company open all year that cares for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with labor measures and relationships with entities of the territory.

At SK KAYAK constantly renew ourselves in order to bring our visitors closer to Llançà.

We have the philosophy of not only preserving our natural spaces but also actively participating in the protection of ecosystems and promoting biodiversity.

Boost ecotourism in the Costa Brava with the aim of:

Increase the value of the historical, cultural, social and marine heritage and fishing of the municipality in all the Guided activities we propose.

Seasonalize the tourist season in Llançà and, in this way, generate activity for companies in the municipality during the low season.

Encourage networking through local companies in Llançà and generate synergies with the public administration.

Offer products to the municipality aimed at specific segments of visitors. Post to offer sustainable activities, related to the practice of ecotourism and closely linked to the application of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism that will soon be applied to the Cap de Creus Natural Park.

Come with us!